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Introducing Our NEW DOOR GUARDS For Finger Injury Protection

        Guards are needed on both the PUSH and the PULL sides of the hinge side to provide protection.

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(Finger-Gard Ex)
(Digit-Keeper Ex)

"PUSH" (formerly called “Finger-Gard 180”) model is for the PUSH side of Interior doors.  These patented door guards fold against the jamb, allowing them to swing completely 180 degrees.


"PULL" (formerly called "Digit-Keeper") model is for the Pull side of interior doors covering the hinge area and is available in Clear-frosted. 


These guards attach to the face of the door and frame with strong adhesive tape: white permanent tape with the 4' - 6" high guards and clear repositionable tape with the 6' - 6" high guards. Clear-frosted color to compliment any color scheme.


"PUSH-Ex" (formerly “Finger-Gard Ex”) model is designed for the Exterior PUSH side of doors.  That is the outside of doors that swing into the building. These patented guards fold against the jamb, allowing them to be installed on doors with panic/push bars and most other doors.   Color options: dark brown.


"PULL-Ex" (formerly “Digit-Keeper Ex”) model is also designed for the Exterior PULL side.  That is the outside of doors that swing OUT from the building.  Our "Ex" guards are designed with special rubber hinges, resistant to both harsh hot sunlight and extremely cold weather. Color options: White or dark brown.


Exclusive  Features-   Our "Ex" guards  are the ONLY GUARDS that:

¨       are designed for both exterior and interior doors and thus will operate in very cold and very hot temperatures. Perfect for entry door, play ground doors, & residential doors to the garage.

¨       will operate on doors with push/panic bars to accommodate 180 deg. full swing doors.

¨       are the easiest guards to install without screws !

¨       are available in both 4’-6” and 6’-6” high, providing you the best guards at affordable prices.



Please call for free samples and pricing sheet.   An installation video is also available.