Installation Instructions
Finger Guard Name




Finger-Gard ‘clear’ guards are for Interior use only. "Finger-Gard Ex" versions are for use on Exterior or Interior doors.        

     “PULL” guards are for the Pull side of doors (formerly called “Digit-Keeper)----“PUSH” guards are for the Push side of doors.

AGGRESSIVELY CLEAN where guards will be attached on both the door and frame. Remove all loose paint, clean off dirt and oil with isopropyl - denatured alcohol and wipe dry with a clean cloth.  Install guards with the door in the CLOSED position.

PUSH and PUSH-Ex: WITH THE DOOR IN THE CLOSED POSITION…  Install top to bottom, starting at 1/2" off the floor.

  1. Temperature should be above 50 deg. F and doors and frames should be dry. If applied on exterior doors, wait until these conditions can be met before attempting to install exterior guards.

  1. If door is an exterior door and has a jamb mounted weather strip, remove it.  You can install a thin ‘bulb’ type weatherstrip at the butt area if desired.  The Finger-Gard needs to be mounted on the door jamb and cannot be mounted over the weatherstrip.

  1. Install short test piece of Finger-Gard, in accordance to these instructions, to test the door profile.  If door has hardware in the way, i.e. push/ panic bars, TRIM/ cut with a tin-snips the smallest portion possible away from the “L” shaped angle side to ‘slide by’ the push bar.  Keep 1/16” away from push bar.  With the door closed, place guard into mounting position to ensure enough has been trimmed-off.  Guard should not be gripped or pinched by the door or bar.        

  1. First, adhere  “flat side” to FRAME / JAMB with door closed. Remove tape from the entire length of the  FLAT side  (not “L”-angled side) and lay guard perpendicular to door, near the jamb.  SLIDE guard  against side jamb tightly to the corner between the door and frame.  Push with finger tips every 6 inches from top  to bottom to ensure adherence.  With supplied pressure stick, or with cloth and finger pressure, roll the back side of adhesive tape just adhered,  to fully push air out of the tape and ensure full contact.

  1. Next, adhere “L” ANGLED  SIDE of  guard to DOOR.  Slightly open the door (prop open temporarily) and remove tape on rigid “L” angle side and fold-close the guard together tight against the side jamb.  Then while closing the  door, position guard around push bars or other hardware.  This may take practice on a short test piece or try it without removing backer-film.  Apply pressure, from all fingers into the shield's "L" angle, into the corner, from top to bottom to ensure a tight fit.

  1. With a pressure stick or similar device, push rigid “L” angle side and slide stick with constant pressure to fully secure the tape.   Push-adhere from middle to top and then from middle down to bottom, to ensure full adhesion.  The guard should lay flat against the side jamb.

  1. Open and close door and ensure proper operation of door and guard. Install 2 screws at both top and bottom of guard into door.

PULL and PULL-Ex:   WITH THE DOOR IN THE CLOSED POSITION…. Install top to bottom, continuously over hinges starting at 1/2" off the floor (minimum).

  1. Clean door and frame as noted above, with denatured or isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Mark a line 3/4 inch to side of door hinges on door frame to align guard to.  Also, keeping the guard at least 1/2" off the floor, mark a line at the top of the guard to align to.   Test a typical door by installing a small guard sample to ensure proper operation. This is especially critical if installing over spring hinges that swing 180 degrees.

  1. Remove tape from just 12" on one side of guard and starting at the TOP, align the tape edge with the edge of MARKED VERTICAL LINE, push / tack using 2-3 inch increments down full height, while incrementally removing backer tape.  Make sure that the edge of the adhesive says in-line with the Marked Vertical Line!

  1. Remove tape from top 12" of opposite side and push/ tack at 2-3" intervals down, starting at the TOP, removing the backer tape incrementally.  Push against hinges and keep in a straight vertical line.  Use pressure stick and apply pressure up and down both sides to ensure full tape adherence.  Install  screws into each corner of the guard into frame (4 screws for Pull-Ex).

Our “Ex” guards have been tested and approved by UL for use on 20 min. to 4 hour Fire Rated Doors. 

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